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Copyright Small Claims or Leave It to the Trolls?

The Copyright Office wants round 3 of public comments on whether small claims copyright infringement procedures are possible. This has been limping along for years, and they’re still asking “whether and, if so, how the current legal system hinders or prevents copyright owners from … Continue reading

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Toward A General Theory of Copyright–Part 1(a)

Exploring our lack of basic consensus on copyright , I wrote in Part 1 that “while the news was still all about the dramatic Megaupload arrests for massive internet copyright infringement, a major record company agreed to a proposed class action settlement for underpaying artists … Continue reading

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Old Songs Made New–Copyright Office Endorses Federal Protection of Pre-1972 Recordings

Richmond Indiana became home to one of the great recording studios when the Star Piano Company and Gennett Recording opened in the early twenthieth century. See, waynet.org; starrgennett.org. There was no federal copyright protection for recordings then, just a hodgepodge of state … Continue reading

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