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One Small Step for Copyright Small Claims

The Copyright Office heard the stories of frustration from creators who can’t enforce their copyrights. Yesterday it released a report on its two year study and proposed a kind of small claims arbitration panel within the Office itself. Since there … Continue reading

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Copyright Small Claims or Leave It to the Trolls?

The Copyright Office wants round 3 of public comments on whether small claims copyright infringement procedures are possible. This has been limping along for years, and they’re still asking “whether and, if so, how the current legal system hinders or prevents copyright owners from … Continue reading

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Lessons for Online Piracy Legislation from Comments on Copyright Small Claims

The draft legislation called Online Protection & Enforcement of Digital Trade Act (OPEN) is having its moment in the sun as an approach favored by Google and other internet powers who are said to regard it as not threatening to … Continue reading

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