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Flo & Eddie’s California Dreams Still Alive

I’ve been writing since 2014 about the quest by Flo & Eddie, the former Turtles, to win copyright royalties under state law for their pre-1972 records which federal copyright law doesn’t protect. The latest chapter ended yesterday when Judge Gutierrez … Continue reading

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Who Did the Copyright Office Neglect in its Music Marketplace Report?

Most musicians and composers owed royalties. Why do I say that? Because the Copyright Office failed to factor in to its “Guiding Principles” the core copyright issue for all musicians and composers below the upper levels of music earnings─ they … Continue reading

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Flo & Eddie Must Choose Which Victory They Want in New York

Judge Colleen McMahon yesterday handed Flo & Eddie a take-your-pick win in their New York federal court lawsuit for pre-1972 performance royalties against SiriusXM. They asked for summary judgment that Sirius is liable to them for common law copyright infringement. … Continue reading

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Flo & Eddie Win Again

Blog Flo Eddie v Sirius MSJ order Nov 14 2014 Against Sirius XM again, and this time on the east coast. And it’s again based on state copyright law which was dormant and waiting for people with enough resources to … Continue reading

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Flo, Eddie and Copyright Revenge of the Golden Oldies Artists

Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan blended their fine voices for The Turtles and created hit recordings like “Happy Together” in 1967. That was great except federal copyright law did not protect sound recording rights until 1972. Even after federal law … Continue reading

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9th Circuit to World’s Largest Record Company: “Spotty” Bob Marley Copyright Claim

A small music company, Rock River, was given back its day in court to claim Universal Music Group intentionally interfered with its attempt to market  remixes of 1960’s recordings in Jamaica by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Rock River’s perseverance … Continue reading

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Toward A General Theory of Copyright–Part 1(a)

Exploring our lack of basic consensus on copyright , I wrote in Part 1 that “while the news was still all about the dramatic Megaupload arrests for massive internet copyright infringement, a major record company agreed to a proposed class action settlement for underpaying artists … Continue reading

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