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Craig Pinkus is a partner in the Intellectual Property Group. He also is a member of the Litigation and the Sports, Entertainment and Media Groups. He assists clients with a broad range of disputes and transactions involving all areas of intellectual property, entertainment, and other complex business arrangements. He has conducted trials and arbitrations throughout the United States and has argued appeals before the Seventh, Sixth and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal, the Indiana appellate courts, and United States Supreme Court.

Low-Cost Low-Tech Foolproof Cyber Defense: A Phone Call

The FBI warned again Monday about the dangers of “business email compromise.” A posting on its Phoenix bureau website says known losses from these scams exceeded $2.3 billion from October 2013 through February this year. The Bureau has documented cases … Continue reading

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Flo & Eddie’s California Dreams Still Alive

I’ve been writing since 2014 about the quest by Flo & Eddie, the former Turtles, to win copyright royalties under state law for their pre-1972 records which federal copyright law doesn’t protect. The latest chapter ended yesterday when Judge Gutierrez … Continue reading

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NIST Releases Important Update on Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

Updated link to NIST Guide to Industrial Control SystemsMost of us have heard the alarms about cyber threats and the vulnerabilities of US factories, electric utilities, the petroleum industry and other vital parts of our infrastructure. If you’re concerned or … Continue reading

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Second Circuit Protects Artist Copyright Termination Rights by Reading the Contracts

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town was written in the 1930’s and recordings of it are playing on radio stations and in stores and restaurants right now. I’ve written often about the complex sections of the Copyright Act that are … Continue reading

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Amateurism Lives To Fight Another Day in O’Bannon v. NCAA

This five year old lawsuit asked if the NCAA’s amateurism rules against compensation for student athletes were in violation of the antitrust laws. The core that made the litigation possible in the first place was the expanding willingness of state … Continue reading

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The Tortuous Path to Fashion Design Copyright Protection

There is a steady stream of music copyright cases in federal court. Lawsuits over clothing designs are few and far between. Depending on the source, US music industry revenue is about $15 to $30 billion. Clothing industry revenue in the … Continue reading

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Village Person Wins Legal Fees in Key Copyright Termination Case

Victor Willis is a songwriter and original member of the Village People. He wore the police and naval officer costumes. His writing credits include “Y.M.C.A.” Like most then and many now, he transferred his copyrights to others. Village People songs … Continue reading

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Record Labels Make Sirius XM Deal While Flo & Eddie Keep Fighting

Last Friday SiriusXM filed a report with the Securities Exchange Commission saying it was paying $210 million to the three major labels and ABKO records to settle the labels’ me-too Flo & Eddie lawsuit against it. It’s the closest thing … Continue reading

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Flo & Eddie Lose in Florida

When I learned Flo & Eddie filed lawsuits in California, New York and Florida seeking internet radio royalties for their pre-1972 Turtles recordings unprotected by federal copyright law, my first reaction was California and New York make a lot of … Continue reading

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Common Sense Wins on Expired Patent Royalties at Supreme Court

The US Supreme court just issued its opinion in Kimble v Marvel Entertainment affirming its 1964 decision which applied common sense to the question of whether patent royalties can still be owed after the patent expires. The answer is still … Continue reading

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