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Craig Pinkus is a partner in the Intellectual Property Group. He also is a member of the Litigation and the Sports, Entertainment and Media Groups. He assists clients with a broad range of disputes and transactions involving all areas of intellectual property, entertainment, and other complex business arrangements. He has conducted trials and arbitrations throughout the United States and has argued appeals before the Seventh, Sixth and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal, the Indiana appellate courts, and United States Supreme Court.

Making or Helping Ransomware Payments Could Mean Federal Sanctions

The first, last, and only thing most ransomware victims want is their data. Lacking good backups, organizations suffocate until they pay a ransom for the key to decrypt their networks. But now the Treasury Department warns of possible sanctions for … Continue reading

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Maybe There’s A Ransomware Key For Free

Working with European governmental and private organizations, the FBI this summer announced release of a decryption tool that unlocks GrandCrab ransomware. The announcement and Josephine Wolff’s article “Don’t Pay Ransom for Digital Files” (NY Times, August 16) should focus attention … Continue reading

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Blurred Lines Decision Endorses Traditional Copyright Law

A split decision yesterday by the Ninth Circuit federal appeals court affirmed $5+ million in damages awarded against famous artists Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke in favor of the heirs of Marvin Gaye. A 2015 copyright trial asked a jury … Continue reading

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Can I Get Copyright Statutory Damages and Attorney’s Fees Without a Registration?

If you register fast enough. The Supreme Court might take Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. and decide that no matter where the lawsuit is filed you only need to apply for registration before suing. That could reduce the … Continue reading

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Can I Enforce My Copyright in Court Without a Registration?

It all depends on where you file the lawsuit. The Supreme Court can end this strange situation by taking a case asking for nationwide uniformity, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. Or it may leave us with a checkerboard … Continue reading

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CISA Gives Protection For Sharing Cybersecurity Attack Information

The US Chamber’s public letter on cybersecurity last month urged businesses to take full advantage of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act signed into law by President Obama in December 2015. It caused renewed interest in the law, and this post … Continue reading

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Encryption Choices and the Coming EU v US Privacy Showdown

Edward Snowden’s leaks from NSA and Five Eyes surveillance programs three years ago reverberate today in European Union demands for total privacy in daily communications. If they become privacy regulations which US companies doing business with Europeans must obey, compliance … Continue reading

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Smaller Businesses and the US / EU Privacy Shield Launch Today

If you have customers or employees in the European Union, you should look into signing up to operate under the US / EU Privacy Shield. Registration began this morning. It closes in two months. Signing up means you self-certify you … Continue reading

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Brexit Multiplies Uncertainty Over EU Privacy Regulations and Shield

US companies doing business in the EU face a May 25, 2018 deadline to comply with its General Data Protection Regulation [GDRP], a 200+ page law. It is so riddled with questions it requires a new European Data Protection Board … Continue reading

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Something Old Becomes Something New and Makes Copyright Royalties Disappear

The Old is pre-1972 recordings not covered by federal copyright law. The New is remastered versions of the Old played on broadcast radio. The disappearing royalties are the ones supposed to be paid by radio to copyright owners after Flo … Continue reading

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