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Pinkus Appointed to Law360 Editorial Board on Intellectual Property

Bose McKinney & Evans LLP partner Craig Pinkus has been appointed to Law360’s 2013 Intellectual Property Editorial Advisory Board. This is his second appointment to the advisory board, having served since 2011. As an advisor to Law360, Pinkus will provide … Continue reading

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Patent Injunctions and Chief Judge Rader—Details Wanted

IP Law360 reports that Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall Rader on Tuesday chastised the US Supreme Court for getting it wrong on when injunctions should issue against patent infringers. He reportedly said their 2006 decision in eBay Inc. and v. MercExchange, … Continue reading

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“Would Further Encourage Parties to Employ Litigation as a Weapon Against Their Competitors…”

That’s what Chief Justice Roberts in Monday’s unanimous opinion says a small shoe company’s arguments against the validity of trademarks of its giant competitor would do. ALREADY, LLC, DBA YUMS v. NIKE, INC., ( Slip Opinion, January 9, 2013), The encouragement would come from … Continue reading

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